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What is Agilerecovery ?
Agilerecovery is an independent provider of technical support for all major computer manufacturers. All our tech support experts undergo mandatory training and refresher programs to make sure that they are familiar with the newest software and hardware. We use the latest in remote access technology to set up a secure connection with the client's computer so that our experts can diagnose the exact problem.

Will you charge me if my issue is not resolved?
Agilerecovery will only charge you if the problem you described has been resolved to your satisfaction.

Do you have any experience at technical Support?
Our technical support specialists go through a meticulous selection process that checks their technical ability along with other things. The team has an average experience of over 5 years and after their selection, they undergo an in-house training program to make sure that at the top of their game.

Can Agilerecovery help me with my slow PC?
Slow PC's can be extremely frustrating to work with. Our tech support experts will optimize your PC and enhance its performance.

Can Agilerecovery help me out with any hardware issues?
Many times, problems that look like hardware issues at first glance may actually be software issues. If you aren't sure about the exact problem plaguing you, give us a call. We will not charge you anything unless the problem is fixed. If the problem does turn out to be a hardware issue, then we recommend that you contact the manufacturer for repair or replacement.

What kind of service should I expect from Agilerecovery ?
When you call Agilerecovery , you will be patched through to one of our technical support experts who will begin to diagnose and fix your computer once you allow him remote access to your PC. While he is fixing your problem, you can either stay on the line or hang up. We will call you back once we are through.

How is remote support better than traditional tech support?
Remote support is not just faster and more secure than traditional tech support, but it's also much more convenient. With remote access technology, you don't need to lug your PC to a service centre or allow a strange into your home.

What is required for remote support?
All that is required for remote support is a broadband internet connection and your approval to remotely access your computer.

How can I sign up for this service?
You can call us on our Toll Free Number. We are available 24 hours a day, 7days a week, all throughout the year.

Call Now: 1844-871-6287